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The Hotel Anita is well known for its carefully prepared and personalized Mediterranean cuisine.


Meals are served in the comfortable air-conditioned room of the restaurant.

Thanks to the expertise of our staff, we offer daily wholesome local and national meat and fish dishes, at both lunch and dinner, enhanced by a buffet assortment of fresh seasonal raw and cooked vegetables.


Served from 7.30 am to 10 am in the Restaurant room, a day at the Hotel Anita starts with an appetizing and energy-boosting choice of cakes, fresh fruit, yoghurt, cereals, biscuits, jams and marmalades, cold-cuts and a selection of cheeses. 

The priority for us is to ensure individual well-being.

For the younger children:

Flexible eating hours (11 am – 1.45 pm / 7 pm – 9 pm), cutlery and high chairs.


For older children:

We serve a "Kids Menu": pasta with mincemeat and tomato sauce, potato croquettes, Wiener schnitzel, frankfurters, chips, fish fingers and small pizzas. 


For food intolerances: 

Our staff will be pleased to satisfy particular dietary needs.



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