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SINCE 1957

The beginnings of stories are always a little fantastic and imaginative. The details are lost in the memory of those who listened to them and passed them on and in the understanding of those who got the message.
It seems that great-grandfather Pizzinelli, whose first name was Giuseppe, emigrated to the United States when very young but then returned to Romagna because great grandmother Filomena, mother of grandmother Adele was in love with her land and bought a piece of it called Villa Marcocchi located in Gatteo Mare, along with her son-in-law Giovanni , husband of Italina, Adele’s sister.
To date the Hotel Anita is three generations old; as photos go to show, it went from being a Pension to a Hotel and the 4 rooms of the Fifties are now 30; the number of floors has gradually increased.
What has remained unchanged over the years is the hospitality and the will to establish a relationship with guests based on respect for their desire to spend a few relaxing days by the sea and under the sun and enjoy not only the cuisine but also the cultural, sports and landscape delights of a region, Romagna, whose history and identity continue to surprise and enchant.
Along with the history of the Hotel Anita, Aldo, Adele and their daughter Anita, we should tell the story of all those guests who, every year for the past 30-40 years, from various parts of Europe, have got off a small regional train in a station adorned with flowers and recognized the smell of salt air mixed with a holiday spirit and fragrances of good local cuisine.



Simona Cavuoto

(Anita's daughter)

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